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      Patricia Oriti Workshop: April 11, 2015

      We are excited to welcome Patricia Oriti from Oregon to present our Spring full day workshop in Nanaimo on April 11th!  Patricia is a very experienced Montessori Educator, who has been working in Montessori schools and spreading the word all over North America and Europe for the past 40 years.  Discover Montessori School, Nanaimo, will be hosting the event and we are hoping many people from Victoria will be able to attend. We are looking into hiring a bus and will keep you informed!

      Registration at 8.30am

      Morning Session 9.00 – 12.00pm

      This session will look beyond classroom management to offer strategies for creating and sustaining a self-managing community of children.  Children learn how to elicit cooperation and avoid conflict when they manage the classroom themselves.  When children are in charge of themselves and one another, they become deeply invested in their community.  They become highly skilled as leaders and followers in turn.  All aspects of the community become more interesting, more valid, and more compelling.
      Our discussion will include:

      • How do we include and engage challenging children?
      • How do we support children to become problem-solvers?
      • How do we turn negative behavior into positive leadership?
      • How do we create clarity in the culture of the community that fosters a sense of belonging and the development of independence?
      • How do we find activities that correspond to each child’s level of involvement in the community?

      As we work to develop a self-managing community we embrace Dr. Montessori’s vision of creating a world community rooted in peaceful co-existence, respectful interdependence, compassion and responsibility.

      Afternoon Session 1.00 – 3.30pm

      As Montessori educators we need to nurture and enrich our own development.  Administrators need to find sources of renewal for their faculty’s long-term commitment and professional development.  This workshop will address the need we have to find meaning and support in our work, and to see our work in the larger context of society.
      Our discussion will include:

      • How can we use ritual as a vehicle for renewal?
      • How do we cultivate a community of support?
      • How can we involve parents so their efforts result in on-going relief in our daily practice?
      • How do we define accountability?
      • How can we best work together in community in our different roles?

      Maintaining a sense of mission and life-long commitment to Montessori education will allow each of us to transform our day to day work with a sense of purpose and give us the energy we need to sustain ourselves.


      Discover Montesssori School,  4355 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, V9T 5P4

      Lunch Options

      • vegan, gluten free, non-vegetarian. You can, of course, bring your own if you prefer: just let us know.
      • Please bring your own water bottle.
      • Please let Kendi, our registrar this time, know what your lunch preference is.


      Kendi Henderson,
      436 Durban Street,
      Victoria, BC
      V8S 3K3


      Please print your name and/or the names of people attending clearly somewhere on your check, or on a separate piece of paper.

      West-Mont Montessori School Annual Open House

      On February 28th, 2015 between 10am and 2pm we will be opening our doors for our Annual West-Mont Montessori Open House.

      • Visit our Learning Fair and Art Show – Showcasing Student Work.
      • Tour Our Classrooms and Meet the Teachers.
      • Hear Nicky MacDonald Speak on Montessori: Educating the Whole Child and Nurturing a Love of Learning.
      • Free Book for the First 50 New Families

      ECE / Montessori Trained Teacher Needed

      Bloom Montessori located in View Royal, is seeking an ECE / Montessori trained teacher for a new class starting in January 2015. Successful applicant must be:

      -able to work in a collaborative environment

      -a good communicator with parents and children

      -organized and reliable

      -able to work independently

      Please send resume, and two written references to Based on resumes, qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

      BC Certified Middle-school Teacher Needed

      BC Certified middle-school teacher required by Independent Montessori school. Position is in a multi-aged classroom (grade 7 and 8); 45 students; 3 full-time teachers; 1 full-time Special Educational Assistant.

      Desired qualities in candidate:

      • Successful experience with adolescents.
      • Comfortable teaching Math, Socials, Sciences, Language Arts, and Health and Career.
      • More of a generalist, than a specialist.
      • Experience with team-teaching or similar environments.
      • Good communication skills–with adolescents and adults.
      • Open to being Montessori mentored, and the possibility of participating in Montessori certification in the future.
      • Understands the importance of, and adheres to, the prepared environment.
      • Organized and reliable.
      • Meets deadlines and goals.
      • Confident and motivated in taking initiative and also asking for help when needed.

      Based on resumes, qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

      Based on interviews, selected and interested candidates will be contacted to spend time in the classroom.

      Resumes should be directed to the principal of Maria Montessori Academy either by email: or by mail or by hand to:

      Maria Montessori Academy

      1841 Fairburn Drive

      Victoria BC V8N 1P8



      Montessori Trained Teachers-on-Call Needed

      West-Mont Montessori School is actively seeking Montessori trained applicants to be on our Teacher-On-Call list. If you are interested in being on this list, please send the following documentation for review:

      • Cover Letter
      • Resume
      • Two written references
      • A copy of your Montessori qualifications
      • A copy of any ECE qualifications held
      • A copy of your BC Teaching Certificate if applying to work in our Elementary classes

      Documentation can be sent to Principal Magnus Hanton, After review, you will be contacted if your skill set meets with the needs of West-Mont Montessori School.