Upcoming Workshops for the 2017-18 School Year

VIMA has arranged to have two professional development days during the 2017- 2018 school year, with two amazing presenters. Jonathan Wolff November 18th, 2017 We have invited Jonathan Wolff  http://jonathanwolff.org  to present a full day work shop on Saturday...
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Island Montessori: ECE Manager/Lead Montessori Directress Needed

ISLAND MONTESSORI IS IN SEARCH FOR A ECE MANAGER/LEAD MONTESSORI DIRECTRESS We are looking for a Manager/ECE Montessori Directress that would like to join our amazing team of long term educators. Island Montessori is a small non-profit school hosting children ages 2 ½...
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Bright Star Montessori: Montessori Pre-School/Manager Opportunity

Tired of the big city buzz? Would you prefer to live and work in the tranquil environment of Vancouver Island? Bright Star Montessori is a well-established multi-location Montessori daycare and preschool, with superior standards, an established track record and...
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Maria Montessori Academy Job Postings

Maria Montessori Academy is a preschool through Gr 12 Montessori school located in the Gordon Head area of Victoria. We boast a thriving community of 300 learners and a vibrant staff. For the upcoming school year, we are seeking strong candidates for the following...
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Find a Montessori School

PDF: VIMA Montessori School Directory

      Furthering Montessori Expertise

      The Vancouver Island Montessori Association (VIMA) was founded in June 2002 by a group of Montessori educators for the purpose of sharing information, promoting the Montessori philosophy, and coordinating professional development on Vancouver Island.  There are meetings every few months including an Annual General meeting.

      VIMA is also very active in providing professional development as well as parent workshops. We have a strong history going back 10 years.

      Past Professional Development Opportunities

      2015 November-  Beyond Phonetic Reading: Joyful Reading -“Stressless” Spelling & Montessori Meets Adler: A Great Fit for Montessori classroom with Carol Scarratt at Maria Montessori Academy

      2015 April –  A Self Managing Community For All Children with Patricia Oriti at Discover Montessori

      2014 Nov. –   Autism: A Montessori Approach  with Michelle Lane  at Selkirk Montessori

      2014 April – Inclusion and Peace in the Montessori Classroom with Donna Goertz at West-Mont School.

      2014 Jan. – The Science Behind the Sensorial Materials with Irma Rodriguez at Trillium Montessori School

      2013 Nov. – Sensorial Materials with Irma Rodriguez at Selkirk School

      2013 April – Stephen Hughes Key note speaker: 2 day Conference at Maria Montessori Academy

      2012 Oct. – Talking Montessori with Trevor Eissler  at Selkirk Montessori School

      2012 May – Fostering a Musical Foundation with Jennie Stevens at Maria Montessori School

      2011 Nov. – Storyoga with Vanessa Braun at Selkirk Montessori School

      2011 April – Nature Workshop: Preparing and Leading a Fieldtrip with Gillian Cooper at West-Mont School

      2011 May – VIMA outreach at the Making Tomorrow Conference held at University of Victoria. What Would Maria Do? And Playful Activities with Debbie Gillespie. Come Play the Montessori Way with Alison Brown and Helane Ellis

      2010 Nov. – Math Workshop with Dorothy Jones at St. Christopher’s Montessori School

      2010 Nov. – Montessori Outreach with Penny Barner and West-Mont staff at the University of Victoria Faculty of Education

      2007 – Peace with Betsy Coe at Maria Montessori Academy

      2007 – Materials to Support The Montessori Phonics Program with Randall Klein

      2006 –  Montessori Music Workshop with Frank Leto

      2005 April – Montessori Conference at Selkirk School

      2003 – Movement of Music with Sandra Webster

      2003 – Dance, Mimes and Skits with Wendy Albricht

      Membership Information

      Members of VIMA receive notifications of:

      1. member schools who are hosting workshops or training seminars, or
      2. Montessori job opportunities.
      3. VIMA sponsored conferences and our annual general meetings.
      4. VIMA newsletters
      5. most important of all the VIMA web site connects you with perspective parents that are looking for a Montessori school/ daycare in your area or in the area where they plan to move.

      If you are interested in listing your school you are welcome to send the following details to vima@vancouverislandmontessori.com:

      • Name of school
      • Address
      • Postal code
      • Phone#
      • Fax#
      • E-mail
      • Web address
      • Contact person
      • Number of children in your school
      • Age range you enroll


      1 to 24 students                                  $25

      25-49 students                                   $50

      50 to 99 students                             $100

      100+ students                                  $200

      200+ students                                 $300

      Individuals                                                  Free

      Training Centre                                           $50

      Send a check to:

      VIMA C/O Keith Bennett
      2348 Thomas Place
      Nanaimo, BC V0X 1W9

      Note: Vancouver Island Montessori Association’s yearly Membership runs June – June so our web site can be up-dated before the summer begins. Every school has a few places to fill and correct information on our website is helpful to prospective parents who are interested in your school.

      If you are a member school, advertising is free. There is a $75 charge for advertising if you are not a member school.

      When you send your school fee in please let us know if you have changes to make so we can include them. The grid at the bottom gives all the information used on the web listing. Check our website to ensure your listing is correct.