Date: Friday November 17th, 6PM
Location: Maria Montessori Academy,
1841 Fairburn Drive, Victoria, BC

The Values and Value of a Montessori Education: Life Skills for the 21st Century

What kinds of life skills will your child need to be successful – happy, healthy, and productive – in the 21st century? Beyond facts, figures, and formulas, what will young people need to know to find their way and make their mark in a world which increasingly demands higher order thinking, social intelligence, and self-organizing abilities? Jonathan will discuss how the Montessori Method not only produces capable scholars, but more importantly, empowers young people to think for themselves, think of others, and think out-of-the box.

Mr. Wolff has worked in the Montessori field for over 30 years.  His work has been throughout North America and internationally working with schools and parents to support their relationships and work with our most precious resource for the future. Dr. Maria Montessori began the first Casa dei Bambini in 1907.  Her ideas and principles of how children develop is relevant in 2017 just as it was in 1907.

Tickets are $ 5.00 per person. Tickets can be purchased through Event

Dinner: The Maria Montessori Academy Graduation committee has organized dinner for the evening as a fund raiser.  The dinner will be East Indian food.  A suggested donation of 10.00 each will be collected at the door.

Join us for great food and an engaging discussion!

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