Date: Saturday November 18th, 8:30 AM – 4PM
Location: Maria Montessori Academy, 1841 Fairburn Drive, Victoria, BC
Registration fee:  $75.00 for the full day workshop includes Coffee and muffins and a fabulous lunch. NO Refunds are available

We are excited to offer you three different workshops for our first professional development event for the 2017/2018 school year on Saturday November 18th at the Maria Montessori Academy, 1841 Fairburn Drive, Victoria. The workshops planned for the day are suitable for all levels (early childhood to high school) and school administration. Jonathan Wolff will be presenting both a morning and an afternoon workshops.

Professional Development certificates for 6 hours will be provided for all registered participants.

MORNING WORKSHOP: 9AM – 12PM (All workshop registrants will take part in the MORNING workshop)

Topic: Creating a Collaborative Best Practice” Montessori Program
Presenter: Jonathan Wolff

Many fine Montessori programs nonetheless function like archipelagos of classrooms, in which teachers close their doors and teach in a vacuum, based on curriculum and instructional practices they have utilized since the days of their pre-service training. In such schools students experience, and parents witness, different learning outcomes and teaching strategies. Teachers in these programs are often not comfortable sharing, comparing, and evaluating the differences in their approaches in a calm, collaborative, and scientific manner. As a result, inconsistencies in program quality are perpetuated.

In this workshop we will address the following related topics:

  1. How the most effective Montessori teachers stay focused, positive, energized, and open to continuous self-improvement, through what Montessori called spiritual preparation.
  2.  The many forms and functions of year-long professional development. Building a faculty culture of support, sharing, and constructive feedback.

AFTERNOON Workshops: 1PM – 4PM

The workshop registrant will have a CHOICE between Option A and B

OPTION A: Montessori-Aligned Leadership
Presenter: Jonathan Wolff

What Makes It Different
How Teachers, Administrators, and Board Members Can Apply It to Their Work

The Three Period Lesson; long uninterrupted work period; Individualized instruction; peer mentoring; exercises of Grace and Courtesy. Can these essential elements of authentic Montessori practice be applied to school leadership? What might we see in a Montessori community if the principles of self-directed and collaborative work were adopted by the adults? What have you observed in schools in which the behaviors of leadership and organizational culture were not aligned with the philosophic foundations of Montessori education?

In this workshop we will take a detailed look at how Montessori practices can be employed by faculty, administrative, and board leaders, resulting in enhanced program quality, staff retention, parent satisfaction, and enrollment.

OPTION B: Mindfulness in the Montessori Classroom: Learning How our Mind Works
Presenters: Helane Ellis, Rachel Hartsook, Brooke Rose

Maria Montessori noticed that children who were allowed to become deeply focused on a task appeared relaxed and peaceful afterwards. Our classroom activities are designed to encourage careful focused attention. Mindful meditation is this exactly; when we pay attention to the present moment. By using simple Mindful Meditation practices we can use our attention to notice how we feel and what we think. Understanding how our mind works enables us to understand these thoughts and feelings and self- regulate more skillfully.

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